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BrainSigns is a worldwide leader company in quantifying the cognitive state
of operators in real time.

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The Future is already here,
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Quantifying the cognitive state of operators in real time is possibile looking at factors such as attention, workload, cognitive control behaviour, and stress, while dealing with the operative tasks by employing neurophysiological measures coming from the operator himself.


Workload Evaluation

Online neurophysiological evaluation of qualified operator’s...

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Training Assessment Support

Brainsigns develops neurometrics useful to assist...

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Operator's Expertise

Is it possible to “quantify” an...

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ATM Applications

In the contexts of several European...

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Research & Development

Many scientific works in the areas of neuroscience and of brain signals analysis.

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Working With

Scientific Reliability, Team Working, Determination and Orientation to the Future. This is what forms the basis of our research and innovation .

Arianna Trettel
- BRAINSIGNS Chief Executive -

certificate horizon 2020