Cognitive States in Operative Environments

Cognitive States in Operative Environments

Measuring skilled operators’ – as pilots or air traffic controllers in aeronautics - stress and mental workload is really innovative in many different fields. BrainSigns is able to measure these parameters in real time and in an operative environment (so not only in the labs), during the operators’ training or during the execution phase of a difficult task. These measures’ analysis can provide:

  • Higher safety
  • Better quality of the operators’ training procedures
  • Improvement of success in the HR’s selection
  • Costs and time saving during the training, as well as the reduction of the trainees’ mental stress during their own progress evaluation


BrainSigns, has deep competence based on a large number of scientific publications in the area, signed by its team. Such methodologies for estimating stress and cerebral workload have been experimented by the Brain Signs’ team in the aeronautics field, during its participation in several Italian and European research programs. 

With two patent pending algorithms, BrainSigns may provide services meant to:

  • understand when a pilot has a high risk level to become unable to cope with his/her task in a simulated flight environment
  • understand the stress level of an aeronautic operator (pilots, ATCos, et) during a task
  • validate the needed skills acquired during the execution of an aeronautic task, also for low workload levels
  • apply these measures also in other fields

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